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Re: Daysailer I number 63

Postby SVFayaway » Sat Apr 01, 2023 10:59 pm

Hi Greenlake, thanks for that, the hull to deck flange itself is fine (except for a few little chunks missing up at the bow) so I should be able to just install a new rub rail. As a semi-temporary solution (unless I really like it) I might use a doubled over length of fire hose bolted using the original bolts that held the vinyl rub rail to the hull. I'll post some photos that show more clearly what the situation is.

I've been distracted by rebuilding my garage roof. Hopefully that'll wrap up in a couple of weeks or so. Once it does, I'll get the boat off her trailer and get her flipped over to remove the old anti-foul and associated marine growth. Any tips on safely getting the boat upside down? I also need to adjust the bunks so the boat actually sits properly on her trailer.

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Re: Daysailer I number 63

Postby GreenLake » Sat Apr 01, 2023 11:07 pm

There are several threads on how to turn boats. You'll have to hunt around a bit to find them. They may not all be in the "DaySailer 1 Only" section, because the methods tend not to be specific to a given model.
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