Instructions for Newbs

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Instructions for Newbs

Postby Anstigmat » Tue Aug 25, 2020 9:36 am

Hi there!

My DS1 is on the water, and looking lovely. I would say I 'mostly' know how to rig it up and get going. But I would also say there are some confusion points and things that I could possibly be doing better. The original instructions PDF is ok, but frankly the pictures are very faded and for a 'learn by doing or seeing' mind like myself, it's a bit challenging to wrap my head around.

I'm curious if anyone knows of an updated rigging manual, preferably with clear photos or even videos? My searches on Youtube or Google have come up with not much.
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Re: Instructions for Newbs

Postby GreenLake » Tue Aug 25, 2020 12:01 pm

A couple of things: first, when it comes to rigging, every DS is unique - almost. Not only were there several rigging options available for new boats (and those changed a bit over time as well), but many, if not most boats have seen some customization. As class rules do not restrict these, there's no need for people wanting to race the boat to limit themselves to a stock setup. In other words, your setup may not match any generic instructions.

Second, this very issue has been discussed here more than once this summer alone. But people simply went and showed details of their rigs that they had problems with and asked questions about. By reading the recent posts in all the sections (also DSII, Rigging and perhaps Repair) you should be able to find these discussions - even when they hide under some innocuous sounding title.

By now, you've probably have some general idea, but a few remaining questions. Why not post those questions here and we may be able to walk you through specific issues - including whether it makes sense for you to change or improve some of your rigging.
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