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Postby TJDSII6630 » Sun Jul 12, 2020 3:11 pm

I have the hinged mast and here is what I found worked best for me.
This is done on the trailer.

I secured a rope around the mast above the spreaders with a loop I could undo from the deck after the mast was up.
This rope ran to a pulley I placed on the stem head were the Jib Halyard would normally attach, and back to the cockpit.

The end I ran through a cleat for friction. I took this rope in as I raised the mast.
No problem getting the mast up in a shoulder press, holding it with one hand and taking in on the rope, which becomes a temporary fore stay.

When you get it up high enough to have the rope at about 45 degrees to the mast, secure the end to a cleat and you can take a break or push the mast on up to the top, pull in the slack in the rope and cleat it.

If something is fouled you can back up to the intermediate point and the mast will be supported by the rope. I’d say you need at least a rope to mast angle of 35 degrees before you put the full weight on the rope.

Now secure the second pin at the mast base.
These pins will do nothing to hold the mast up so the shrouds and some sort of fore stay is required!
The shrouds are in place and hold the mast side to side.

Now, go to the bow and take the Jib halyard with you.
The end you would pull to hoist the jib is cleated in its usual spot.
The end that attaches to the jib is secured to the trailer winch with 2 to 3 feet of slack.
I think I used a carabineer to join the halyard to the winch hook.

Now winch in the halyard until you can secure the fore stay to the stem head.
You will need just a little more tension than is normally on the forestay to pull it into position.

Reverse to drop the mast.

I made a set of cross sticks to keep on board should I ever need to drop the mast when pulled up on the beach.

If you cannot lift the mast, look at this

I now have an SJ 21 and use a spare boom vang, which has a 4 part line to get the mast up, but I still have to mussel it up to the point the rope can begin to help.

This guy has a good idea: ... ded-set-up

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