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Re: Vang questions

Postby jalmeida51 » Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:18 pm

Rob, If you don't like using the groove in the spars or if you think it might get damaged I would install a bail on the spars. Some bails are riveted and ones I prefer are through bolted. Either one will work. The bolted ones you can adjust the angle while the riveted ones are a fixed angle. I think it's ever you prefer, most small dinghy's use the fix due to the cost factor. Also bolted bails with the right diameter to fit are spars some times hard to find.

Sorry I can't answer your physics question. Didn't due well with physics in high school. John
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Re: Vang questions

Postby RobH912 » Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:56 pm

John - thanks with the thought on the through boom / mast bolted bails... having the ability to adjust the angle of the bail if I need to go that way makes a lot of sense.

It seems like the groove in the boom maybe the weak point for the vang, but didn't know. May reach out to Selden. My main sheet blocks on the boom are attached the same way.

I have ordered the Harken 29 carbo triple blocks ( p/n 347 (becket with the cam that can be switched to an up release, attached at the mast) and p/n 345 triple attached to the boom. Will also get some 1/4" sea-set line. This set up will give me 6:1 and a set of blocks & line that have a higher working load than what came with the boat. Thinking that is a good start. :)

Didn't do very well in HS physics either, but this discussion has been very informative. Really appreciate all of the posts by you and GL on this topic, spurred me on to do more research on vangs, and hope that it has become a good knowledge base asset on the this topic for the forum.


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