Splicing a soft shackle

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Splicing a soft shackle

Postby RobH912 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 12:32 pm

Have been looking at trying my hand at splicing soft shackles for some different applications on the DS. So far have come across a couple of videos that look to be helpful and thought that I would post these links for others.

Soft shackle loop and a diamond knot - https://www.yachtingmonthly.com/gear/softshackles-38323

I ordered some dyneema line and while I have been waiting for it to start on a basic splice, I also found some other useful links / videos on line.

Premium Ropes has a lot of info on splicing; videos, tools, ropes, etc. https://www.premiumropes.com/splicing-rope

Here is one of their more advanced (to me) splicing videos Splice an integrated soft shackle on a rope https://youtu.be/rRKOkYqWpug

The video with its music, no voice over, etc. without a voice over, seems like watching a "magic trick" with ropes to me. :D Person doing the splice has a lot of skill.

I'll post my first splice next week.

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