Jib sheet blocks, running rigging 1962 DS 1 restore.

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Re: Jib sheet blocks, running rigging 1962 DS 1 restore.

Postby tomodda » Wed Apr 29, 2020 11:56 pm


As GreenLake wrote, the vertical positioning for the jib track is just under the side deck, get the screws to bite into something, even if you have to create it yourself. If you can access the area behind the coaming, then you're golden. Otherwise improvise! AS for fore/aft placement, by definition it's not that horribly critical. Mine starts 9 inches behind the aft edge of the cuddy (of course, since it curves, you have to define what the aft end really is). If you want to be more exact, measure from the forestay, per the North Sails tuning guide:



Set your jib fore and aft so that the tell- tales break nearly even from top to the bottom on the jib as you luff the boat slowly into the wind. If the upper telltale breaks first, move the jib lead slightly aft. If you were to err one way or the other, you should make the top of the jib break slightly ahead of the bottom.

A good starting point is set the lead jib block 9’3 ½” aft from the jib luff wire measured around the cuddy.

In heavy winds, it is helpful to move the lead aft 2” to 3” so that the top of the jib does break early flattening out the upper section of the jib and therefore helping to de-power the boat.

So.... the MIDDLE hole of your jib track should be 9' 3.5" aft of the forestay (or of the jib luff wire if you want to be REALLY anal, so measure the length of your jib hanks). Me? It's all too much work, 9" off the back of the cuddy is fine. You'll be adjusting the lead and the inhaulers anyway.

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Re: Jib sheet blocks, running rigging 1962 DS 1 restore.

Postby GreenLake » Thu Apr 30, 2020 4:46 am

Just a note about rigging / tuning guides by sailmaker. These can be affected by the cut of your sail, and therefore deviate from each other. My sailmaker's instructions placed more emphasis on the barber haulers than on the fore/aft location of the jib fairlead. Go figure. (Still, the one from North Sails is a nice one as far as that goes).
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