'72 DSII Shakedown Sail Report

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'72 DSII Shakedown Sail Report

Postby Nephroid » Tue Nov 12, 2019 1:39 pm

It's been a while since I last posted but I did bite the bullet on at '72 DSII that I wrote about earlier (https://forum.daysailer.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6106).

Took her and the trailer out for a shakedown cruise in early October before the weather got cold. Overall not too much drama. I was able to step the mast and get her on and off the trailer single handed. Biggest issue was the CB downhaul line. It kept getting wedged between the CB and inside of the trunk. In the end I was only able to lower it by jumping in the water (much to my 7yr old's amusement) and pushing it down w/ my foot. This seemed to fix things while on the water but later that evening when I checked under trailer, the line was once again stuck. Will address this in a separate post.

Most importantly, she sailed beautifully! Even with old rigging and the baggiest sails I have ever seen, she was nimble and so much more room in the cockpit than our Sunfishes. Bilge was nice and dry after an hour on the water. The only other dislike I had was the routing of the jib sheet cleats on the CB trunktop. This seemed to cause unnecessary clutter due to the lazy sheet always getting in the way. I will give it another try next spring but I'm thinking of replacing those with cam cleats directly on the jib tracks.

Based on the experience, I created the following project list for the off-season. In rough order of priority:

1. Fix that dang CB downhaul / uphaul situation! (https://forum.daysailer.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6159)
2. Replace and upgrade fore and sidestays - mine are original and some are old and kinked. Upgrading to 1/8" steel available from Rudy at D&R
3. Replace sidestay chainplates and upgrade hardware to larger diameter bolts - (https://forum.daysailer.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6264)
4. Replace all running rigging - sheets, halyards, outhaul, boom downhaul(?)
5. Fix cracked mast partner opening
6. Re-evaluate existing hull repairs - one in the bow, one under the hull
7. Install Boomvang
8. Refinish tiller handle and add tiller extension
9. New Sails
10. Repair Fiberglass dents and chips
11. Cockpit deep clean and gelcoat touchup

The trailer is likely original and in pretty bad shape as well:

1. Replace dry rotted tires and add spare - done!
2. Repack / replace wheel bearings - done!
3. Convert trailer bunks from 2x4's mounted on end to 2x8's on side
4. Replace rollers
5. Full frame de-rust and repaint
6. re-route wiring - seller recently replaced lights but the wiring was rushed and should be better protected

Lots to do as you can see but excited to see what comes out the other end. Will write up each of these individually so that others may benefit from the experience. It's going to be a busy winter!
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Re: '72 DSII Shakedown Sail Report

Postby GreenLake » Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:35 pm

Sounds like you got a handle on things.

If you're going for new sails, plan on some lead time. Depending on the sailmaker they will take a few weeks.

Good luck!
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