DS Wanted - NJ

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DS Wanted - NJ

Postby ajgraceffo » Sun Jul 12, 2020 1:12 pm

DS with trailer wanted will travel 100 miles from Ocean County, NJ
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Re: DS Wanted - NJ

Postby Nconvery » Tue Jul 21, 2020 4:53 pm

I have a DDIII in very good condition. Sails are like new. I think it’s a late 80’s early 90’s boat and has only been used a handful of times. It comes with a trailer as well. Make a legit offer and it’s yours. Just selling it for my in-laws who no longer want it. I’m in somerset county NJ.

Nolan Convery
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Re: DS Wanted - NJ

Postby pcavan » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:00 am

I have an older Day Sailer - late 60s, I think (sail #54).

In good shape. My uncle owned it, and did lots of beautiful woodwork and varnish.

On a Calkins trailer.

NY State would not register her because she has no Hull ID# (they didn't in the early 60s).

She has good sails and equipment. A little dirty right now.

I can deliver to New Jersey if you're interested.

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Re: DS Wanted - NJ

Postby GreenLake » Sat Aug 08, 2020 2:00 pm

@pcavan: based on your listing here, that boat would appear to be an O'Day Javelin. A bit shorter at 14", and I imagine fairly similar general sailing experience, but not actually a DaySailer 1.
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