Second Cruise of 2018 - Too Windy

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Second Cruise of 2018 - Too Windy

Postby fatjackdurham » Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:36 am

My second cruise didn't go well. I thought I would put in at the Lamoille river boat ramp, and motor out to Mallets Bay, but the motor didn't start (again). It took a good half hour or more to make it out to the bay and when I got there, the wind had kicked up to above 15 knots or more. My boat just didn't want to sail. It kept getting hit by a wave and stopping dead. I could trim the sails in properly without maybe tipping, and the water was so unstable I didn't dare try to reef out there.

I pretty much turned tail and headed back up river. Running a broad reach back to the mouth of the river, I still was dangerously close to being turned over. I was flying.

in the river, I took the boom off and rolled up the sail while I waited for someone to give me a tow back to the boat ramp. While tossing a line to a jet ski, I saw a small rope snake of the deck and disappear into the water. Back at shore, I discovered it was my boom gooseneck slide. Oops.

As I was driving across the causeway at the Sand Bar, the wind had died to the predicted 7 mph or so. I must have been out during a squall. There had been plenty of storm clouds overhead, but it had cleared up. If I had waited, it would have been fine.

Oh, well. New parts ordered. I fixed that darn motor (again). It was the fuel cut of switch had deteriorated and was blocking the line. Someday, I have a dream, that I will be out on the water, and when I need to use the motor, it will work.....
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Re: Second Cruise of 2018 - Too Windy

Postby GreenLake » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:34 pm

Hear ya!
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