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Cruising Mileage Logs

Postby rrcrazy » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:37 pm

Hi everyone!

Do you keep track of how much you sail each year? Do you keep a log of destinations, distances, etc.? If so, I’m interested in hearing from you!

I’m developing a Daysailer Mileage Program. We would recognize you for how much you sail on a particular year, as well as lifetime benchmarks.

In order to set some benchmarks, I’m looking for some numbers of what you do over the course of a season/year.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Cruising Mileage Logs

Postby GreenLake » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:44 pm

I've kept and am still keeping a log for my DS. When I got it, it was so much bigger than the tiny boat I sailed before that it felt like a "BIG" boat and that meant that keeping some sort of log seemed natural.

I ended up making a few hundred mostly smaller trips over the years, many without having a GPS. Therefore, I don't have a good mileage count, but from the log I know that I've taken almost 100 different people sailing over the years. I also know that I managed 16.111111 outings a year, on average, and the log preserves some interesting moments for posterity, both fun and scary ones.

Early on, I thought I would go on more destination trips, but instead, I've enjoyed the boat mostly for an afternoon's escape on the water, or a sunset cruise. The amount of night sailing I do is perhaps not average. Last summer marked the first time I arrived late enough to head home from the boat launch at sunrise.

My favorite destination cruises are to places I can dock the boat and either grab some food or join a party. Those allow me to combine the best of both worlds, by combining an otherwise pleasurable experience with being out on the water.

After a number of years of true daysailing, with a few slightly longer excursions, I added beer-can racing. Mostly enjoying the way scheduled events prompt me to go out on the water more regularly. I still fit in a few unscheduled outings, and taken together, they help me get enough use of the DS.

I also used the log, in the early years, to keep track of expenses. After noticing how cheap it is to keep a DS afloat, I don't bother with that any more.

Finally, the longest trip I ever took in a DS was as crew on a friend's boat, doing the Texas 200. (By now, most of my personal sailing miles have probably been on other people's boats and not DaySailers).
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