My old DS is a Sailstar Explorer

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My old DS is a Sailstar Explorer

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 08, 1999 1:00 am

My old daysailer from around 1961 was mad by the Sailstar company somewhere in Wisconsin? I am also looking to replace my sails this years and I wanted to get input on that before I shellout the big bucks. Thanks!

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Postby Guest » Thu Feb 11, 1999 1:00 am

Sounds like you have one of the many Day Sailer imitations.

New sails? If you are having fun with it, and you aren't planning on racing, keep your old sails. You probably won't get your money out of the boat when you sell it with the new sails.

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Postby Bob Hunkins » Tue Mar 16, 1999 1:00 am

My first "DS" is a Sailstar, I didn't know it was called an explorer. I had problems with this boat and ended up buying a real Day Sailer - Best move I have made for a long time. I've done work on the old sailstar and hope to sell her - cheap.

I keep hearing about imitation Day Sailers, but this is the first time I heard a reference to it being "many" What information on these knockoffs do people have? i.e. how did these companies make them? Didn't O'day have legal rights at that time?

signed, Curious
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Postby Guest » Mon Mar 29, 1999 1:00 am

I just bought a "tired" Sailstar Explorer and am having a blast restoring her. She has a 17'0" loa and a 6'4" beam. She may not be a real DS1 but looks almost Identical only a little bigger, plus she has drain plugs in the transom. But the best thing is I can play around with modifying her without worying about ruining her value... (I'm thinking cruiser),anyway, here is some info I came across while researching my Explorer.

Hi Mike
That is probably a Sailstar Explorer. This is actually the first boat
that I ever sailed in. The Explorer was 17'0 loa x 6'4 beam x 9" (4'6")
draft with a SA of 147 s.f. They were designed by Talman Bigelow.
approximately 600 were built. They were supposed to have full buoyancy
floatationa and be self rescuing. They sold for $2200 new in the late
60's. They went out of production when Bristol took over Sailstar.
Sailstar was an inexpensive builder essentially building boats intended
to compete with Oday and Pearson but at a cheaper price. They had a full
line of boats from an 8 foot dinghy to the 24 foot Corsair. They may
have built a Tripp designed 32 footer for a very short time. When they
went bankrupt the bank holding the note took over their assets and asked
Clint Pearson at Bristol to take over running company. Bristol
eventually bought out the assets and reduced the number of products
dramatically. Unlike the Oday Daysailer which was raced pretty
extensively, I never heard of explorers being used for anything other
than daysailing. I was too new to teh sport to comment on how well they
sailed but my impression was that they sailed quite well.
I don't know what info that you are looking for but feel free to ask
specific questions.

Mike Musante (

Postby Guest » Sun Aug 22, 2004 4:15 pm

Hi all,
I have a 17' Sailstar Explorer for sale, in good condition. It comes with a trailer. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the package would be worth?

vincent (

sailstare explorer

Postby anna » Sat Sep 25, 2004 8:31 pm

I hate to hear anyone dissing the old sailstar explorer. I have one and have been sailing her on the columbia river along the washington coast for several years now. She sails well in any knot wind. In fact in cascade locks she runs up river on a plane in 16 knot winds. You take on some water on your return tacks but she is a lot of fun to hike out and try to keep flat. I have her outfitted with a 1960s johnson 3 horse long shaft, which is all the power you need if winds are off. She sails well though in light winds. Anna Y

Postby Curry » Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:16 am

Slow winter day...

I was surfing the web and came up with this leagal action that O'Day Corp brought against Talman Corp related to the Explorer 17. Very interesting read.

Here is the link:
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