A project: Need data from you!

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A project: Need data from you!

Postby Bob Hunkins » Mon Jul 25, 2005 2:54 pm

I'd like to try to see if there is any correlation between the serial numbers stamped onto O'Day DS I boats and the class number, used by racers as a sail number.
It seems that folks sometimes find a serial number but no class number which is what we care more about (except when registering the boat with the local authorities for their pound of flesh :wink: )

While I know that it can't ever be determined for certain for all boats, there might be enough correlation in the future to help someone who has boat with no sail number to get a reasonable guess at what their number should be and request use of it from the class secretary. I suspect there may be other things that come from this that are helpful.

So, if you own an O'day DS I boat I'd appreciate it if you would send me the following information in an E-mail with the subject "DS serial numbers" to rhunkins -at- ev1 dot net

Serial Number, class number and year built (if known for certain)
If I get enough numbers, I'll put any findings here on the site for use by DS owners.

Bob Hunkins
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