DSA Membership 2006 Renewals . . . . . Help!

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DSA Membership 2006 Renewals . . . . . Help!

Postby Bob Hunkins » Sat May 06, 2006 6:05 pm

I got this note from Pat Skeen the class secretary -
If you recieved your DSA renewals in the mail but haven;t sent them in, please do it now and save us the cost of sending out reminders!
Thanks for being part of the class association!
-Bob Hunkins

Forwarded note:

Dear Regional Vice Presidents,

Hello and Help! The DSA desktop is finally clear. All of the 2006 membership renewals received to date have been processed and returned to our members. Before the 2nd notices are mailed, which is expensive for the Association, will you please send out a plea to the members or fleet captains in your regions to renew their DSA memberships. If I am not mistaken you all have e-mail addresses for most of these sailors. Thank you!

I hope you all have begun the 2006 sailing season with great enthusiasm.

Fair Winds to you all,

Patricia Skeen
DSA Secretary
Bob Hunkins
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