the perennial question

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the perennial question

Postby thomas » Mon Sep 24, 2007 11:07 pm

here, again, is one more of these questions: my boat has class
#766. for some reason I seem to remember thinking this meant a 1961 build date...close? thought I'd seen a chart which helped identify build date somewhere on this site. WHERE? I mean something beyond the hull # chart @ tech info this site. thanks...

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Postby jpclowes » Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:42 am

It is kind of confusing, but your "class" number on your boat, coresponds with your "hull" number on that chart. The hull number on your boat, is the number of hulls of all types (Rhodes 19, Widgon, etc,) built, when yours was made. The class number is the number of Daysailers, built to that point, which is also the number that should be on your sail. Along those lines that class number is what you should go by whenever you are trying to find dates about when your boat was made, especially on that chart. So your boat was built between 1957, and 1969. I know that isn't much help. Mine is a 1965, and my class number is 1868. So 1961 for your #766 is probably pretty close. If you search the forum, there was someone who was trying to collect the numbers and ages of DS owners who post on the forum. You might try to do a search for that.
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