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Sail Numbers

Postby Guest » Sun Aug 23, 1998 12:00 am

I have a 1975 DSII serial# XDYD7306M75F, after reading some of the mail here I assume it was built in Feb. 1975. I also guess the sails should be 7306 which brings up my question... my sail bag states both the main & jib should have numbers 51086, but my main is number 21086 and the jib is 21483. Another mystery to me is the main is missing the large numbers below the DS on both sides of it like the ones in the photos on this site. It does have a orange stripe with the DS on it. My jib has the clear plastic/mylar window, I don't see any of the boats in the photos with this either. Are these replacements?, non-legals?, or what??? If anybody knows what I have please let me know as the previous owner had inherited the boat and knew nothing about it. Also is there any meaning to the XDYD in the serial#? What about the "M" before the year? Thanks in advance!

Jim Brown (

Postby Guest » Tue Aug 25, 1998 12:00 am

Boy, if your boat could just talk, what stories it might tell. I am not familiar with the Coast Guard 'prefix' of XDYD. It is the identifier of the manufacturer of the boat. O'Day is the only manufacturer of the DS II. Maybe someone else could confirm that that is how their DS II CG # starts. Until then I will stir the fire/muddy the waters by asking 'Are you sure you have an O'Day DS II'? I suppose the DS IIs got up to around 7300 by 1975.

The 'M' in your number identifies the 'model year' that follows.

My big question to you is 'who did the previous owner inherit the boat from, a sailing club or school'? That would be to only reason I could think of for an orange stripe on the sail (it allows the 'supervisors of the boats to find "their' boats out on the water very quickly'. The sail are 'legal' if they conform to the class rules (see But that is only a concern if you intend to race your boat. If you are intending to do that you should be a member of the class and should have other DS members to help you determine what is ans isn't "legal" on your boat.

As for your current sails specifically they don't necessarily 'come' with sail numbers unless you ask the sailmaker to put them on.

Keith Bay (

Postby Guest » Tue Jan 14, 2003 3:37 pm

Your Day Sailer II HIN translates as such: XDY = O'DAY, D = Day Sailer, 7306 = Class#, M75F = 1975 Model year-built in January 1975.
The number that you found printed on the sails is most likely the sail's serial number, and has no connection to the hull or class # of the boat. They may be replacement sails anyway. I have Neil Pryde brand sails on my 1979 DS II, and the ser. # on the sails is 90022, my Class# is 10201, but the class# is not on the sails. The Class# is rarely on OEM sails since the sails are ordered in batches from the sailmaker and it is easier for O'Day to just grab a sail bag at random fro mtheir stock of DS sails instead of having to match the Class# on the sails to the one on the boat.

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