Almost saved 17

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Almost saved 17

Postby need2sail » Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:59 pm

I have a what appears to be a Annapolis discover its 17 ' and is a project. I can't find much info or photo's of this type daysailer. Is anyone able to help me, rigging, photo's, history, common problems. I am saving it from a backyard of neglect. Thanks very much Jim
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Postby sunapeesailor » Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:18 pm

This is from the Daysailer II site here:
Sorry I can't give you more insight, but this is all helpful in figuring out the basics of the boat you are rescuing!

I worked for the Annapolis Sailboat Builders Inc. around 1973 and I also own a Discoverer sailboat (number 115). It was made in 1968. I have a Discoverer brochure that has all the dementions for this boat. Here is some of the info regarding origional construction and equipment that came with the boat.

LOA 17' 7"; Beam 6' 4"; Weight 650# approx; Draft board up 9", board down 4' 6"; sail area 165 sq. ft; Mast above deck 22' 6"

Origional Price $1,975.00 with dacron main and jib sails.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic throughout
Teak coamings
Fiberglass rudder and centerboard, both kick-up
Vinyl rub rail
Aluminum mast and boom, both anodized
Stainless steel rigging and hardware
Self-bailing cockpit
Built in foam flotation for self rescue
Molded non-skid surfaces

Standard Equipment
Rollar reefing
Pivot type mast tabernacle
Cam action cleats, both main and jib sheets
Dacron sails and running rigging
Teak boom crotch
Storage hammocks
Molded-in boot top color
Bow eye, bow and stern cleats
Standard colors- white, light blue, medium blue, light green, buff.

Optional Equipment
Boom vang assembly
Whisker pole, aluminum
4" foam mattresses (pair)
Cockpit seat cushions
Cuddy Cover, canvas
Boom tent cover, canvas
Camping tent cover, canvas
Non-standard colors
Motor mount, installed
Custom trailer

"The Discoverer is a fast, stable, roomy, comfortable family day-sailer with overnight camping capability, yet lively enough for those who like to race"

I am currently trying to find out how many people own Discoverer's and trying to find out how many are still around. If you own one or know of someone who has one or want to discuss anything about this type of boat feel free to contact me. If you own one I would like to know the year and serial number of the boat.

Allen (

I have a 17 foot "Annapolis Daysailer" (at least I think that's what it is.) It is about 17 feet long. It
is a Daysailer design (much like the Oday 17 Daysailer). I found the remains of a badly
corroded/rusted maker's plate that read Annapolis Boatbuilding ............ Hull #0079. I also have
sails with the number 79. Can anyone tell me for sure what I've got? if the company is still
around? and where I could possibly get more info about this design? (especially a manual) Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

There is no number molded into the transom that I can find. I was told
originally that the boat was an "Annapolis 17". which I had never
questioned, although it was the only one I had ever heard of. On the
Internet, I discoverd the Day Sailer pages (several), and was struck by
how much the pictures there resembled my boat. So I thought I had an
ODay (yes, it is a glass boat). But I couldn't find a description of
a Daysailer class that perfectly matched my boat. While it has attributes
that would place it in class I, or II, or III, it doesn't fit any class
exactly, but it sure does look a lot like them all. But the biggest
difference (I think) is that the mast on my boat is stepped on top of
the cuddy cabin, whereas all of the Daysailers seem to have the mast
stepped on top of the keel. My hull number and sail number do match. I
think they are the real numbers. She is an old boat! The sail also has
an insignia, but it's difficult to describe in writing. It is a circle
that contain a design that resembles a compass face. The stitched on
points of the compass are mounted off-center, however, and their points
are free to move in the wind like tell-tails. I wonder if this clears
things up or just makes it all the more confusing.


Chris, I did a little research and found a reference to a company called "ANNAPOLIS SAILBOAT BUILDERS", Generals Highway RFD1, Annapolis, Md. 21401. The source is unfortunately from 1974!
If your boat was built before 01 Nov. 1972, she will not have a H.I.N. number molded into the transom, since before that time they weren't required. Hey, I just got out the 1970 "Boat Show" issue of YACHTING Magazine.......ANNAPOLIS SAILBOAT BUILDERS....DID build a 17' "daysailer" !! I think that what you have is a "DISCOVERER" class sailboat, 17' 7" loa, 6' 4" beam, Sail Area: 165 sqft, draft: 6" bd/up, Displ: 650#. Esentially, this boat is a slightly enlarged copy of the O'Day Day Sailer I. The drawing in the book that I have shows a 4-pointed star as the insignia on the sail, I think that the off-center ribbons that you refer to are actually telltales to show airflow over the sail. This star does look like the star used to indicate true north on the compass rose of a navigation chart.

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New Annapolis Discoverer 138 owner

Postby Discoverer138 » Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:34 pm

Just bought an 17' Annapolis Discoverer no. 138. I can't seem to find any information on the internet about it. If you have any information about the boat and rigging instructions please contact me. Everything on the boat is disasembled and I need some advise on how to rig and restore my boat. Thanks
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Re: Almost saved 17

Postby Mike1963 » Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:50 pm

I have just purchased a 1971 Annapolis Discoverer 17. I found her on Craiglist in my area. I was a bit apprehensive because the folks who owned her only wanted $500. But, I went to look anyway. I was very pleasantly surprised, she is in excellent condition and the sails are nearly new. These folks have taken exceptional care of her and she is fit to sail immediately. My question it rigging. The shroud appears to have no line running aft. It is only two side stays and a fore stay. Is this appropriate or am I missing something? Thanks ahead of time for the response.
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Re: Almost saved 17

Postby ChrisB » Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:55 am


I don't own a Discoverer myself but from what I've seen on SailingTexas and Craigslist it looks to be a very similar boat to the DS. The Discoverer, like most small sailboats, does not have a backstay. Note that the side shrouds are attached to the hull behind the mast and this is what provides support to the mast when the sail load is "pushing" the mast forward; i.e. sailing downwind.

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