Tuning the mast on a DS II

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Tuning the mast on a DS II

Postby rkennedy » Thu Mar 16, 2023 9:38 am

My sails were pretty beat so I bought new north sails.
I went to the tuning guide at the north site and by the second paragraph I was already confused.
To measure the aft rake of your mast, hoist a tape measure on your main halyard and hold it tight at the intersection of the transom and rear deck. This measurement, without your jib up and your rig set “snug” (no play in any shroud or forestay), should be 24 11” to 25’ 1”. Then hoist your jib and pull the rig forward through either a magic box, a block and tackle, or using the forestay (as a bow and arrow effect) until you achieve a 25’1” to 25’2” measurement at the transom. With this rig tension (approximately 150 lbs on the shrouds) the leeward shroud should not go slack until the wind velocity is approximately 10 mph. This may require more rig tension than you are used to carrying, but this tension is important in keeping the jib luff sag down to a minimum for maximum speed and pointing capability.

My 1st question is when measuring from the top of the mast to the transom rear deck do they mean the bottom of the transom where the floor meets the transom?
Or the top of the transom. I measured my mast from the top of the mast to the top of the transom and it was 25'1",
If the measurement is supposed to be to the bottom of the transom then wouldn't the DSII have less distance because of the elevated floor?
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